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Frequently Asked Questions

* What is a clear coat finish?

Quite Simply, it is a clear top coat of paint without pigmentation of color.

* Can an automobile with a clear coat finish get dull?

Most modern car finishes consist of a base coating that contains the color, topped with a protective clear coat that is designed to keep the pigmented paint from oxidizing. This outer clear coat adds UV protection that helps prevent the sun's rays from drying out the base coat paint. Oxidization was an obvious problem ten years ago because you quickly saw the color fade. Now that the outer layer is usually clear, oxidation is less obvious yet it still occurs. The sun dries out top painted layers and essential oils are lost. If these oils aren't replaced the paint oxidizes and the surface gradually becomes duller and more open to stains from bird droppings, salt, air, and tree sap, and berries.

Bottom line- Cars are painted with synthetic paints that contains oils. Paint is a porous surface and if not protected damage occurs.

Your teeth are a good example- hard but porous. Coffee will stain them. Teeth have an enamel coating protecting them similar to a car that has a clear coat protecting it from the elements.

Paint if not maintained, acts the same as the top layer of enamel on a tooth thinning, causing damage to the surface of the tooth. This damage can be prevented with proper care.

* What is paint   


Paint correction refers to the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicles finish and restoring it to an, often times, better than new stats. These imperfections include but are not limited to, swirl marks or "spider webbing" from circular washing, automated carwashes, fine scratches, water spots, bird droppings etching, etc.

* How can you tell if your vehicle is in need of paint correction.

Have you ever looked at your car in the sun or under fluorescent lights and thought that it looked like it was covered in a spider web? These are actually circular shaped scratches and are caused by improper washing techniques, water spots, and bird droppings, etching that are imperfections in  the paint that can be removed. Ty

"Protect Your Investment"

Your vehicle is an investment. Don't limit your detail maintenance for reasons such as:

* "Well, I live on a dirt road."

* "The de-icing salt will make it a mess."

* "It's going to rain/snow."

Our 8 month appearance and protective coatings are an investment- to help your investment retain it optimum

The Auto Spa Treatment

Auto Spa's Two Coat Process:

1) Synthetic sealant with oils. "Wet look" works by allowing the oils to soak into the paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint. Deepens the color and creates an incredible high gloss possible with regular wax. In short, the result is a wet look finish to your paint.

2) Teflon Sealant- seals in the synthetic sealant and puts a Teflon shield of protection.

* Protects against fading and oxidation

* Repels water, dirt, and grime

* For 8 months, helps protect against and diminishes the effects of:

* bird droppings

* road de-icing materials

* tree sap

* dust

* road dirt

* exposure to the sun causing fading, loss of gloss

Auto Spa is a small company and due to travel time for a job request a $100 minimum is required for services. If you only have one car that needs servicing, you could try to recruit a friend to have their car serviced at the same time at your office or a neighbor. Your business is greatly appreciated!